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Recommended FTP Clients

As you get started with your new web endeavor, you’ll quickly realize that you need a good FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to easily connect to, upload to, and modify files on your new ThunderShark hosting account. Not all FTP clients are created equal and our top picks are listed below to get you started.

Remember: Regardless of which FTP client you choose, all connections to ThunderShark servers require FTP with TLS/SSL enabled in order to connect securely. Make sure to use that connection method when you setup your FTP client.

We’ve worked with a number of different FTP clients including:

  • Windows built-in FTP client (Free, but not recommended)
  • Filezilla (Free, All Platforms)
  • Transmit ($30, Mac OS X)
  • Cyberduck (Free, Mac OS X)

transmit-logo-300x300Our Pick: Transmit by Panic Software

Our preferred development platform is Mac OS X so naturally we recommend a mac-only FTP client. Transmit packs a ton of features including the ability to have multiple FTP connections at once and transfer files server-to-server.



FileZilla-LogoSecond: Filezilla

We also recommend Filezilla (especially if you’re looking for a free option).