SSL Certificates

Safely Do Business with SSL Certificates from GeoTrust and Comodo

If you run an e-commerce site or any site that processes credit cards, an SSL certificate is a must! ThunderShark can help you prevent hackers from stealing the data that your customers share with you. SSL certificates stops hackers from tapping into your site to get passwords, credit card details, and sensitive information. ThunderShark offers two of the biggest brands in SSL with a range of choices that fit any website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates come in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges to suit your needs. SSL creates a secure, encrypted “tunnel” between your site and your customers to protect their information. The strength and guarantee of this “tunnel” is where the different SSL Certificates that we offer come into play.




High margin, low cost certificates for organizations of all sizes.

  • #1 brand among top 1 million sites
  • Low cost with great security
  • Available trust features skyrocket website sales
  • Easy to use with free service and support


Recognized by users globally with mobile device compatibility.

  • Low price with maximum security
  • Enhanced security features
  • Free service and support from SSL experts
  • Get started faster with instant SSL options