About Us

ryanMy name is Ryan Trickett and I created ThunderShark Web Solutions. I love technology, the web, and the ability to connect people and spread ideas. ThunderShark was created to do just that. Our mission is to provide people with superior web hosting services and break down the technology barriers that prevent the creation of great web sites and communities. Send me a message and let’s get started today.

In 2007, I created the Mariah Owners Club, an online community that has since grown to over 10,000 dedicated and passionate Mariah boat owners. When Chris and I started this project, we had no idea it would grow to the community that it has become. This project brought me great pleasure knowing that Chris and I revitalized a beautiful boat brand and developed a community of people whose passion and love for this brand continues long after the company stopped production. All with the power of technology and the web.

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Why should I Choose ThunderShark over the other guy?

Good question. I believe that the services we provide, the servers we use, and the software we work with are superior to a lot of what the other hosts out there provide. Our goal is to empower you to have the confidence to build that cooking blog or that wine tasting tours web site. As a result, we strive to support you with easy to use services and features to make your online passions a reality. We won’t try to sell you cheap services for pennies on the dollar or employ cheap marketing tactics to get you in the door and leave you hanging.

What’s with the name ThunderShark?

shark dive

Ryan diving with Blacktip Reef Sharks in Roatan, Honduras – July, 2011.

The simple answer is I love sharks. I think they are one of the most fascinating and peaceful animals (despite popular opinion). I figured why not merge my passion for the ocean and these creatures with my passion for technology and the web.

And no, there’s no such thing as the “Thunder Shark” species of shark (sounds pretty cool though, doesn’t it?).